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 Carnival Cruises - The Elation "Fun Ship" to the Mexican Riviera! - 3/3/02 - 3/10/02
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The Elation... first days at sea - 3/3,4,5 - Sun,Mon,Tues:

We boarded The Elation at about 3:00pm on Sunday... This boat was huge! Our cabin was on the upper deck... I believe it was the 6th floor on the 13 leveled boat. The first night we just explored the ship and all of its bars and restaurants and attended our first dinner. MMmmmmmm. We also got to meet one of the couple at our table, Yen and Ryan from Sacramento. They were nice, but a little stuffy... :P hehe

The next day we got up, went to the gym (shocking I know) then headed to the deck for a little sun. After about a half hour I went to the spa for a full body massage and facial... NICE! Of course the rest of the day was shot after that... I think I was just a little too relaxed. :) But we did manage to make it to see Trio Allegro and eat dinner after a nice nap... Trio Allegro was this great classical group from Poland (violin, cello and piano)... we spent a ton of time in the musical cafe listening to them.

On Tuesday we were still carrying on with our normal routine (wake up... go to gym) and then headed to the deck again for a little more sun. This is where I managed to burn my stomach, knees and shins... very attractive... and I didn't bring nylons for the formal! Ahhh well, I don't know how, but you can't see my wonderfully uneven burn in the picture. WOO HOO!

That night we got all spiffed up for the captains formal dinner and cocktail party. We of course had to stop by to see the Trio Allegro for an hour or so, then headed to the cocktail party in the Mikado Lounge... this is where they held all of the shows. The Elation Orchestra was playing big band tunes and they were actually giving us free drinks... only for an hour, but they were free!

The captains dinner was also nice and we got to meet the second couple, Kara and Jesse... Jesse is a riot... hahaha, this was the last time we saw Ryan and Yen. We think Jesse scared them to another table or dining room :)

Puerto Vallarta - 3/6/02 - Wednesday:

This was our first day at port... we arrived at 8:00 in the morning and headed straight off the boat to a little ranch. Our guide for the day was named Jorge but he made us call him George because he said we all butchered his name when we tried to pronounce it in Spanish. hehehe... When we got there we were assigned horses, I had Rosilia and Terry had Pallaso.

The ride took us towards the mountains and across a river 5 or 6 times... it was beautiful! We made it to a little hot spring and took a little break to walk around. When we got back from the ride we sat in the shade, ate chips and guacamole, and listened to a mariachi band.

After the bus took us back to the ship we took a cab to the beach. The water was beautiful and warm, the sand was clean and white and there were hills full of palm trees surrounding us. After sitting in the sun and swimming for a bit we headed down to a little seafood restaurant named El Dorado. Oooooo... Marlin tacos!

After eating we started our long journey back to the boat... I mean, we could see the top of the ship... so how far could it be? Hehehe... actually the walk was great. We saw some very interesting bronze sculptures, went shopping and even stopped at a little beach side bar to watch the sunset. I think we finally made it back to the boat around 9:00 or so.

Mazatlan - 3/7/02 - Thursday:

The next day we arrived in Mazatlan, again at 8 in the morning. Mazatlan was... well... um... the food was good, and there were pretty shells on the beach. Hehe, they actually shuttled us to this little walled shopping area. From there we had to take a taxi out of the gated area to the "Golden Zone". Apparently this was the safe place for the tourists.

We got out of the cab and started our long walk on the beach again. It was a little cooler here so we didn't get in the water, but we did find this nice little restaurant on the sand called La Canoa... and... had our marlin again. YUM! After lunch we did a little shopping and headed back to the boat early. Here's a tip... don't stand in the front of the boat when they're leaving port... those horns will blow out your ear drums!

Once we left port *and took yet another nap* we headed to the musical cafe for a little Trio Allegro and a very good banana split.

Cabo - 3/8/02 - Friday:



Friday we arrived in Cabo at 7:00am... although we had to tender to shore. We waited in line for quite a while and finally made it to shore at about 9:30. After being mobbed by locals who wanted to take us on different excursions we made it to some vendors and started shopping. After buying some stuff there we started walking to the little town to check out Cabo Wabo. Once we got there we did a little more shopping and then had to head back... Such a short day there! We had to be back to the ship by 11:30am.

So we tendered back the ship and went up on deck to get a little sun. Cabo was very pretty... much better then Mazatlan, but we were disappointed that we couldn't spend more time there to eat, drink and check out the beaches. Ahhhh well, we'll stay longer next time ;)

Before we knew it we were out at sea again heading to Los Angeles... *sniffle* It was strange, as soon as we were about a mile past Lands End the temperature dropped 10 degrees and it got really windy! ... then ... rough seas!

The Elation... last days at sea - 3/8,9,10 - Fri,Sat,Sun:

As soon as we left Cabo we went to Tiffany's (the alternative dining area) for some yummy yummy pizza, a calzone, some salad... *oink oink* I was pretty much a pig on this trip. Hmmm... then what... Oh yes, another nap!

After we woke up we got cleaned up for the Semi-formal night and once again headed to the musical cafe to see the Trio. When they were finished playing we went and had our picture taken and headed to dinner with Jesse and Kara.

Oh yeah! How could I forget! We had a great waiter from India named Antonio, and a great waiter named Adrian... I don't remember where Adrian was from, but all he ever said was *welcome* in some kind of thick European accent. The women at the table behind us thought that he was the cutest thing in the world, poor guy, they wouldn't leave him alone!

Saturday we decided to sleep in (surprise surprise) and got up and ready just about in time for lunch. We decided to *finally* try out the main lunch. Hehe, up to this point we had been going to Tiffany's.

After lunch we (I know this is going to be a shocker) headed to the musical cafe for some Trio Allegro! They were having a special "wine and cheese" afternoon. Perfect for us wine and cheese addicts, although the wine selection at this bar was pretty stinky. I guess we were just spoiled by the great wines we were getting at dinner. When the Trio was finished I got a piece of *fat* carrot cake and we watched this guy Bob play his guitar and sing songs... I think he was just a passenger, but he was pretty entertaining. Lazy as we were on this trip, we stayed in our seats to hear a few members of the Elation Orchestra play some Jazz... when our butts finally went numb we decided to go take a nap... hehe.. you know, we had to rest up for dinner!

Tonight we had Cindy and Bob (some people that Jesse and Kara met in Puerto Vallarta) join us for dinner... I guess they were stuck at a bad table so they decided to join our obnoxious one :)

We woke up early again on Sunday and decided to finally try out the main breakfast... damn, we should've been going there every morning! The rest of Sunday was spent sitting in the Mikado Lounge waiting for them to call green so we could get off the ship... *sniffle* we were sad that it was over, but very anxious to go home. Hmmmmmm.... wonder where we'll go next time :)

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